Members of the GRINDTIME PRIVATE GROUP gain unique member access to the GrindTime “Site” which includes the private section of the website and access to the private tools used by the group to communicate, congregate, and chat on a variety of topics including technical analysis related to the daily markets in an un-bias environment of experienced peers.

Members of the GRINDTIME PRIVATE GROUP are privileged to viewing charts that have been annotated and analyzed by other members of the group.  This is to help broaden the view of the analysis and provide a more un-bias general overview of all possibilities and probabilities in relation to some of the most accepted and widely used studies found in the software professionals use today.

While some of the members of the GRINDTIME PRIVATE GROUP have years of experience in the markets buying, selling, trading, analyzing, etc.  Some of the members are also brand new and are looking to simply have access to a more private and moderated social group where the focus is on analyzing market movements and past history against a proven scientific method or study in mathematics.

Members of the GRINDTIME PRIVATE GROUP pay a monthly fee of $149 to maintain membership with the group.  This fee is very small when considering the average trade our members make using the newly learned skills they have picked up as a member of the group can bring in excess 10-100X this fee and we feel that if you do not have the $149 to invest with a fully experienced group than this may not be the place for you to start.  This price can change at any time and will likely increase over time as the group increases in members to reward loyalty.  A discount may be achieved through purchasing a multi year plan effectively lowering the price by more than half if you are someone looking for the best possible deal.  Loyalty is also rewarded and the price of $149 will considerably decrease once a member achieves 1 full year (12 months) of active membership to a Loyal Member Discounted price of $79 per month.

The GRINDTIME PRIVATE GROUP is relatively new, only created in the last 3 years and formed around a core group of investors and analyzers who participate in markets one way or another on a daily basis.  Over time the group began to grow into the more experienced and educated group it is today.  *Currently the group has around 30+ members with many other applicants currently applied in the process.  This is currently a relatively small private group that is heavily moderated to maintain a level of technical analysis that is unbiased but also accurate to today’s most used and agreed upon measurements/studies regarding price and trend/pattern analysis by professionals.

New users will likely learn concepts and theories in their first months regarding trend, studies, drawings, and tools of analysis that are used by professionals every day.  Once these skills are learned it is hard to ever forget them similar to learning how to ride a two-wheel bike and most new members report a feeling of epiphany in their first months regarding the accuracy of the studies and level of analysis provided by the methods used of the GRINDTIME PRIVATE GROUP.   Not only will members be drenched in new information regarding these methods of analysis, members will also gain a level of understanding for discipline and how to use discipline in their every day to help prevent losses and help mute the damage of an unforeseen occurrence which happens all the time in markets.  As we all know markets are a growing, living, learning, every day beast of their own, and the more educated, professional, socially inclined minds working together we can have will only increase the probability of understanding how and why the markets do what they have done on a daily basis since the early 1900s while working under math concepts that have been noted much far earlier in time.

So take the plunge and apply to join the GRINDTIME PRIVATE GROUP if you feel you have the heart, mind, and dedication to learning and becoming a member of a social group that has the same interests as you while increasing your understanding of the technical information developed by the every day movement of the market.